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the lies we tell ourselves about money...

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The King Maker here with today's Royal decree; I've been inspired to talk about the lies that we tell ourselves and believe about money.

To start off, let's talk about a lie that we have probably all heard numerous times throughout our lives, which is that money doesn't grow on trees.

To quote Amanda Frances "Lies! Its actual paper." This particular lie is specifically designed to produce an energy and a mentality of scarcity and nothing good comes from a place of scarcity period just doesn't.

We all know how I like to set shit on fire. So let's start with that one!

The paper that money is printed on from comes from shrubs, linen and cotton which is all around you and me all the time. Someone at some point created a value on this paper that we call money and then we all agreed that we were going to acknowledge its value. It's as simple as that.

Charity Croff said it perfectly, now with online banking credit cards, debit cards, and with the introduction of crypto currencies money is literally an imaginary concept that we have all collectively agree exist.

If I were to transfer any sum of money into your account, there are no Brinks trucks coming to deliver that money now or ever, there is no actual money being exchanged. Just random numbers that we arbitrarily assign value too. Numbers in a column on a spreadsheet or in an accounting system, shift that's it.

Which is kind of mind-blowing when you think about it...

Amanda Frances and Garrett Gunderson talk about money in a way that makes so much sense to me. Amanda Frances comes at it from an energetic yet practical business perspective and Garrett Gunderson teaches from a very "Think and Grow Rich" mentality. So this list that I'm about to give you of money lies and truths have been influenced by their unique perspectives, which I appreciate greatly:

Lie #one It takes money to make money.

Lies...I tell you! The truth is it takes other forms of capital, like mental capital that includes our ingenuity and knowledge, energetic capital and finally relationship capital. Who do we know?

Energetic Capital is how we think and feel and choose to vibrate or choose to be in the frequency of money, which has to do with our ability to make, earn & receive money.

Lie #two There is some finite amount of money.

Maybe it's an unconscious construct, but a lot of people believe that the more money someone else has, that equates to less money for them. The truth is, that it's completely absurd because the Department of Treasury actually prints like 38 million notes a day, with a face value of something in the 500 Millions. Plus there is an infinite amount of times that money can be exchanged between people. So there's no running out of it. Ever!

Lie #three The only way that you can build wealth is through saving, sacrifice, budgeting and cutting out all things that you enjoy on top of excruciatingly long and hard work, which I don't believe in it all, but that's an entirely different post.

That whole vibe is energetically shrinking and restrictive and based on a vibration of scarcity, which I want nothing to do with at all. The truth about money is that building wealth is about mindset and vibration and there is more than one way to earn, make or receive money. Contrary to popular belief there is not only one way.

Lie #four You lost money or can loose money.

The truth is money is never lost, It just changes hands. 95% of the like 541 million dollars, I believe that's made every day is to replace torn or damaged or otherwise unusable money. It is still there and like Garrett Gunderson says you just pay the ignorance tax. That's it.

Lie #five money is the root of all evil or people who have it are greedy.

The truth is as Amanda Frances says; money is a neutral resource that can be used for good or bad. But can be used for amazingly wonderful things to help an enormous amount of people.

Wealth is built through unequal exchange. We buy things based on our own personal determination of worth. The actual worth of any given item, typically the person selling whatever it is believes that the product or services they are selling is worth less than what they're selling it for and the person buying it only agrees to buy it because they think it's worth more than what its being sold for.

The actual worth of any given item is in the eyes of the beholder!

So think about the concept of about $40 vs $40 million dollars. So depending on who is having the conversation about the dollar amount will determine if $40 is a lot of money or a little bit of money, or if 40 million dollars is a lot or a little bit.

To someone who doesn't have any money like a homeless person $40 could easily seem like a lot of money to someone that is a multi-billionaire, 40 million dollars could easily seem like a very insignificant amount of money. It is all based on the perspective of the person viewing it.

Which is very interesting.

This last truth is something that I truly believe in with all of my knowledge, my experience, my understanding and with all of my heart: Money exists as a tool and a resource for you and me to live out our life's purpose or our mission and is available for us to be able to experience life in the way that we desire. When I heard Amanda Frances say that it was like something clicked within me and I knew that made every ounce of sense in the entire world. Why else would it exist? I don't really know what everybody fundamentally thinks about why money is here or exist, but why wouldn't it be that?

So let's recap and I will leave you with a question...

So if money basically grows on trees and trees, and shrubs etc. grow outside of your house, your job and along the streets everywhere and thus is an abundant resource that isn't running out and won't run out and also happens to be essentially imaginary, and people use this money that is a figment of our collective imaginations to buy things and employers pay you based on their own perceived imaginary value with this mostly imaginary money and depending on who's viewing the imaginary money at any given time will determine if it's a lot or a little, if we think it's big or small or harder easy, then why aren't we using our imagination to have the relationship success and receptiveness with our imaginary money that we collectively created as a figment of our imaginations for the purpose of fulfilling our lives purpose and desires anyway.

And the mic drops, I'm going to leave you with that....

Have a wonderful rest of your day, and I really do hope that you walk outside of your house or your job or wherever you are right now and you look around you and see all of the money and the abundance you have access to all around you. Use your imagination it is one of the greatest tools that we as human beings .So imagine and feel what it would be like if it was that easy. To aid in this process I have created the "Breathe in Wealth" Meditation available in the free meditations in "The Royal Library".

Until next time the kingmaker.

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