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Magic is Mathematics

Think of mathematics as a scientific experiment; maybe an exercise of the imagination or simply call it Magic.

In reality, it is all of those things.


Mathematics is, after all, the fundamental way in which we have come to understand the Universe.

It is considered the Universal language and is one of the building blocks of everything that we can see and touch and so many things we cannot; which is quite literally the definition of magic. 

The definitions found in the dictionary for the word "Magic" vary from "the art of illusionary deception" to "powerful, extraordinary or mystical influence". But the most accurate definition is; the art of producing a desired result using nothing more than human command of "the forces of nature".

To help better understand the correlation between mathematics and magic let us explore exactly what is "Universal Law"?

The Universe is full of wonders both magical and mathematical. There are foundational guidelines that we refer to as "Laws" that govern the universe we live in as well as the mathematical equations which we use to comprehend or interpret it. 


Universal Law is sacred geometry, it is mathematics, it is platonic solids and it is many more primordial designs that are written into the very fabric of creation. It is the architecture of Life itself. It is the very DNA 🧬of everything that has ever been or will ever be. We, and everything and everyone around us are connected by the same universal framework. Like or not, it simply "IS". 

For example here is a "Universal Law" (also referred to as the first law of thermal dynamics) that many are familiar with: "energy can neither be created or destroyed".

With this example in mind consider : E=mc², our current comprehension of which was formulated by Albert Einstein regarding the connection between mass and energy. Well, one hundred and nine years later a very clever scientist named Joshua Carroll physics graduate with specializations in applied mathematics and astrophysics wrote the article referenced below. Joshua took his understanding of Einstein's discovery and used it to illustrate how much actual energy is available to us within the human body.


Read article here


After reading Joshua's article, you are likely to look at yourself in a whole new light; excited and ready to think of yourself as some form of Super Hero, Wizard, or Sorcerer that just doesn't yet know how to access your latent power. We all love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Avengers, The Justice League and even The Dresden Files. We live in a world where we are entertained by the impossible or what we think is impossible and we enjoy dipping our toes in the world of what we call fantasy. But what most people don’t quite grasp is, that our minds couldn’t possibly conceive something that has no basis in reality. 

Imagine yourself as Gandalf, Harry Potter, Storm, Merlin, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Dr. Strange or Thor doesn’t matter....whomever you resonate with most will suffice.


Now that we have started to change your mind about what's possible...we can begin


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