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Enterprises, inc 

We Innovate. We Elevate. We Empower: The King Maker Enterprises, Inc is a revolutionary corporation dedicated to the expansion and empowerment of human-kind. We are currently serving five soon to be ten crucial industries: Personal & Spiritual development, Finance + Insurance Services & Education, Fashion & Accessories, Automotive consulting and Small business resources & consulting. Divisions in the industries of Health & Beauty, Real-Estate & Investments, Night Life & Food Service, Music & Entertainment and Humanitarian Relief are forthcoming.



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Your Vital Solutions is a Business to Business Resource and Consulting firm. Designed to become your one stop shop for anything an entrepreneur, small business owner or independent contractor would need to start or run their business.



Vital Auto Acquisition Advantage provides those looking to acquire a new or used vehicle and want to have an experience filled with ease and grace while obtaining the best possible terms.

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God's & Queens/God's & Kings respectively are bespoke clothing lines designed to reflect the Gods & Queen's or King's that each of us truly are.

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A/R is an urban leisure clothing line designed to express our freedom, our passion, our authenticity and unapologetically giving zero f*cks! Wear clothing that inspires and reminds you of your bada**-ness!


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Fashion & Accessories

Royally Adorned is a custom semi-precious gem stone and exotic wood accessory line boasting bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, anklets, hair accessories, and soon to include custom tie clips, cuff links, hat/lapel pins and sunglasses.

The King Maker 4:44 is a human development platform that merges phycology and metaphysics to identify and reforge limitations held within our belief systems, our subconscious minds and learned behavioral patterns that are inhibiting us through our surrendered power from living the life of our dreams!

HUMAN Development

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Our footwear carries us through our lives, in ways we often neglect. Our feet, and what protects and
adorns them, should instead be treated with reverence.  


Our shoes act as our valiant chariot ushering us on every adventure, through every hardship, and even supports us without fail as we follow our dreams. 

With every move you make; you are paving the path to your throne.

With every breath you take, and every thought you think you are actively claiming your crown. Every step you take in our are "marking your kingdom".

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LIFE, a financial services firm offering a variety of; Legal, Indemnity, Insurance, Identity as well as Financial products and services.


Our team of dedicated service oriented individuals is comprised of licensed Insurance brokers and finalservices advisors. 

This site will help you identify several opportunities to protect and empower yourself and your family



"Beauty Becomes Her's" has crafted artful services dedicated to the recognition, preservation and cultivation of natural beauty.

 We want women to recognize how incredibly beautiful we are naturally! We will teach you how to nurture your hands, your feet, your body, your skin, and your mind, all while growing your strands. We will provide an avenue to increase your confidence, self love and over all well-being. Our carefully designed services and programs will help you to become your ultimate, most beautiful self. BBH's is for every woman, with every lifestyle, every age and ethnic profile. We are here for any woman who wants to enhance their self esteem, encourage youthful longevity and embrace their natural beauty.

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 Our Goal is Making Life Better for All Humans!

  • 1. End Modern Day Slavery via The Criminal Justice System

  • 2. Teaching Financial Literacy at in School

  • 3. New Government Order 

  • 4. Voting 

  • 5. The Project Renewed Hope

  • 6. Credit System Overhaul 

  • 7. News and Media Reform 



Financial services & Insurance

real-estate & investments

Music & entertainment


Vertias will be an elevated lounge experience like no other. It will have three layers, a lounge, speak easy and a third even more exclusive adult escape. Instead of hookah, oxygen will be served, instead of just alcohol, Kombucha mixed drinks, wine and non alcoholic champagne and ciders will be offered, in addition every culinary exploit will expand the pallet and enhance health.

Live elevating music will be preformed, this will be the exclusive place to have business meetings, bring clients, have expansive dates, host events or just relax in a vibration of elevation.


KMH is an investment, Real-estate holding and development company with investments ranging from innovative forward thinking world changing ideas, and businesses to net zero and eco friendly multi family unit real-estate.

King Maker Music Group was created to produce and distribute music which empowers and elevates, yet is familiar. We will produce innovative covers of hit R&B and Rap music that we all recognize. Imagine being able to listen to your favorite music around your children without feeling guilty.

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