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Condemning others is...condemning ourselves

It’s so important that we understand the impact of our actions. But first we must understand the impact of what can’t been seen or touched...our vibration or frequency controls so much more of our lives than we give it credit for. It controls/determines the people we are magnets 🧲 for and how they show up for us.

So if life is simply reflecting back upon us what we have given it or what we are allowing to remaining within us than how can we justifiably condemn others who are just participating in our experience? They are helpful in identifying and giving us tangible physical examples of things that are active or even rampant in our energetic imprint. They are helpful in providing the data we need for course correcting.

They don’t require our condemnation, even though it may make us feel better temporarily to tell them about themselves. Condemning others has never served them and definitely doesn’t serve you. By doing so you simply regurgitate the negative, unsatisfactory experience therefore calling it forth, when instead a more appropriate or useful use of your attention is to focus on the wonderful clarity the experience has brought you. The much clearer vision that you can now aspire to because of this person participation in your play.

So many of us create haphazardly so you may have trouble swallowing this, when you become intentional with the magic you wield in creating your life you can see that everything and everyone always serves a purpose in the grand production of your life. You get to choose how big a role or how small a role, if certain characters make an appearance or not and if so how long they influence the storyline.

Look within for correction, not outward because you won’t find permanent satisfaction in others constantly trying to change to make you happy. You will find lasting satisfaction and bliss in your ability to utilize them as feedback to sharpen your vision and achieve your master piece.

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