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Don't let old karmic shit knock you off your game..

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

The King Maker here with today's declaration of inspiration. I felt compelled to speak about something that just recently happened to me and how it relates to the overall concept of creating one's desires.

So a lot of times when you start the process, and it doesn't really matter if you're new to the "Law of Attraction" or what Abraham Hicks calls "The Art of Allowing" or just now realizing that you literally do have control over your life & your circumstances and you start following the processes that you know and understand to be true or that make sense to you about how to do so; a lot of times old momentum catches up with us and then we fall apart and this is what I mean by that so, I was I had been really pumped up and motivated and inspired around a new area of creation that I was working on and then some old shit, some old momentum came into the equation and had me feeling crappy for a few hours.

This principle applies to everything, it doesn't matter could be money, it could be related to love or health or really anything in life that you're actively working towards creating for yourself.

What I had to remind myself was that what I'm experiencing in this moment is a result of my past thoughts of my past energy of my past frequencies, but there is such a thing as momentum if you roll a rock downhill, it's still going downhill, especially if it's a big enough one. So, you know, you have to think about whatever the issue is that you're working yourself through if it's an issue for example relationship related; if you felt like you've always for years had bad luck or some type of bad experience in relationships, you've got some momentum surrounding that, it's is going to take some time, to reset that. Not a long time, just as quickly or effectively as you make it.

We do to live in a karmic Universe.

That boulder that you set in motion three months ago, a year ago, two years ago, whatever finally caught up with you, it doesn't mean that anything that you're currently in motion doing, the creation & frequencies that you are calling for now aren't not valid and valuable.

Just think about it, what you're experiencing right now is a direct manifestation of your past thoughts. Which also means that what you're thinking in this moment will be your future.

So you have to keep focused even though the boulder just came out of nowhere and knocked you off of you're off your game. You have to keep in mind that, that was the past. That's not a representation of where you are right now. It's not a representation of what you're thinking. But if you allow yourself to to regress and start thinking those same thoughts that got that boulder in existence to begin with then it will be a regressive, you will go back to doing that.

I felt really compelled to explain this because even though I've been doing this for a long time, and I know it and I understand it, I still felt for a moment until I straightened my crown and remembered who the hell I am & what I am here doing. I allowed my feelings and therefore my frequency and vibration to shift into old patterns, which is not supportive of my new creative manifestation that I'm currently working towards.

So I really hope that this is helpful because a lot of times, people stop before they get to the finish line because things like this happen and it's it mattered that I started feeling that way because manifestation has everything to do with your thoughts but it also has so much to do with how you feel.

By me allowing myself to feel something other than what I wanted to feel was communicating, mixed and not the right signals to the universe in terms of what I was requesting that they give me back.

So keep in mind just because some old karmic shit comes back, let yourself be clear that that's what it is. It's old shit that you created before, that you are not creating now and keep yourself in that mode and if you do that, then you can continue on the path to making sure that you don't have those experiences anymore.

I hope that this has been helpful and that you all have very inspired and amazing rest of your days...until next time.

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