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Nothing just happens to people

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

The King Maker here with today's declaration of inspiration. I'm want to talk about a subject that actually sparked from a family conversation that we were having.

The topic is "Nothing Just Happens To People".

Now, this is why I say that...when you understand fully and deeply that you create your own reality.

Then you understand that it is impossible for you to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Unless you believe, that you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It's so interesting...

The conversation that sparked this topic had nothing to do with this perse , but then I was headed to the post office probably three or four days ago and there was a lady outside who works for the News and she stopped me I'm assuming due to the most recent mass shooting which had only been days before and she asked me some questions and I wanted to know if I would speak about my opinion on assault weapons being banned.

So I answered the question about it and then she asked me something about if I had a family or maybe I mentioned that I have three children and she asks "do you and your children fear for your lives?" And I stopped for a minute because... I'm thinking all right, whatever I say is going to be on the, I don't want anybody thinking I'm insane!

Yet, I have to speak the truth, so the truth is, no I'm not.

And I then I proceeded to say, I'm sure that other people in a similar circumstance might fear for their lives. I on the other hand, I am not calibrated to a frequency that would allow for me to be shot up in a mass shooting and neither are my children.

At which point, I'm sure to this lady what I said probably seemed absurd, but that's the reality when you believe that you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or anything can just happen to you and that all of the horrific things you see on the news - then its just a matter of time. As you're sitting there watching Fox or CNN you're calculating what chances based on where you live and where you work and who you know that will put you at risk to be subjected to any number of those horrible things. They are peddling fear and your buying. The problem is its worse than crack!

When you are a magnet for that experience, that's what you get. I am a firm believer that, I create my reality and my personal experiences, but I think that's the main problem your average person doesn't really understand that or believe it, for that matter. There is always a higher power or someone else that gets the praise or damnation when someone is spared or killed. There is this master puppeteer pulling the string...

So your average human doesn't take any personal responsibility for their own environments or the circumstance of their own lives.Therefore they think that something, anything could just happen to them which is why this blog post is about the fact that, that's simply not real.

That is all a figment of your imagination.

Unfortunately sometimes it's not a conscious decision, we are always creating but most humans create by default not on purpose, not intentionally. Sometimes it's a subconscious program just running around in the background. They are represented by the thoughts that you're having, the momentum that you've built and there's things that you are headed towards that will produce a particular outcome even maybe you're not conscious of it.

When I was speaking with this group of family and friends that sparked this conversation, I gave the example about a car accident I got into in 2013. Some people get in car accidents because they are thinking about or they're fearful of being a car accident. But that's wasn't really the situation with me, the situation with me was I wanted a different car than what I was driving at the time.

Without going into all the specifics or logistics about what happened, the short of it is...I wanted a different car than what I had. I liked the car that I had, but the car that I actually really wanted at the time when I bought that car wasn't the one that I believed was available to me. Granted, I was not consciously thinking I was going to get into a car accident, so I can buy my dream car, but I didn't want to trade out of the car that I was in and deal with the annoying financial drama associated with trading out of a car with negative equity when I had just rolled over $6,000 of negative equity from my last car.

At the time of this accident I was in the automotive industry. So I knew what all of those particulars were and none of it was something that I wanted any parts of... as a result I got in a car accident and totaled the car out.

I was completely unharmed, not even a little bit. I mean, I didn't even get a speck of dirt on my white dress and white leather jacket and white leather boots that I was wearing at the time. I walked away emotionally shaken up because I'd never been in an accident before, but I caused it! There was no way shape or form to get out of the fact that..I caused that car accident even though it was totallyunintentionally.

By having the accident, the gap insurance covered the negative equity I had rolled into this Jeep Overland that I had just bought three months before which enabled me to then the following week go and buy the exact car that I actually wanted all along. It was clearly the universe providing me an avenue to my desire ( I have learned since how to create with more ease and grace). I've have also had situations where something wasn't in my highest and best interest and maybe deep down on a subconscious level I fundamentally knew that I needed to change or do something different all along but was trying to force something that ultimately wasn't correct for me. I have seen universe protect me from bull-shit I would have happily walked right into.

Think about that old car that you really need to get rid of that's a representation of old habits, old thinking and old relationships that just stops working out of the blue. So now you have to go get a new car but you knew you needed a new car all along you were just procrastinating for whatever reason. I've been in situations where a job situation needed to end, but I was comfortable in it, the money was good but there was something better for me on the horizon.

It's always what you want or something better, so I can trust that the Universe has my highest and best interests at heart and whatever my divine goals and aspirations are will be delivered to me, even if I am not consciously focused on them.

I remember a specific at the time, when I was comfortable in a career but I wanted to make more money or I wanted to have a different experience. So the universe presented a circumstance for me to have that experience. I didn't know any of the details in advance, that wasn't my job, that wasn't my part. Then something shifted, I lost my job but everything was okay. There was no need to freak out, I was out of work for like a week and then I got another invitation. Everything is always working out for me and for you. It's your choice to see it that way though.

So think about it from a perspective of infants, there are babies that are coming into this world and I don't know what the evolved level of consciousness of an infant is at that point, but we make decisions about the experiences that we're going to have before we even get here. We choose our parents we choose the circumstances that we come into and a lot of times children and even people will come forward and become "martyrs" for the purpose of moving humanity forward.

They make for lack of a better term what we would consider a sacrifice, although that language isn't accurate. Sacrifices are an excuse for us to perpetuate suffering. I digress, the infant comes and fulfills a specific purpose for the greater good, be it the parents or something larger and whenever something happens to a person our natural response is be like, "oh my God, I'm so sorry".

But I always choose to look at it differently. I choose to believe there are no victims.

I'm always like hmm...I wonder how the parents called the situation to them. Then I start thinking about what may even be a positive thing that has come out of this experience. Any human but especially a child or baby passing I would never consider a positive thing but when terrible things happen we have two choices; 1. Focus and marinate in the horridness of what happened or 2. Choose to see what lessons can be learned, what opportunity for growth and transformation awaits in the wake of a tragedy. That choice determines the difference between people who can move through tragedy and become more in-touch with their God given power or those who choose to live their lives as victims, always at the mercy of someone or something else (like mass shootings) .

Even Nipsey Hussle was a great example, everybody is like...oh my God, this is terrible tragedy. But in reality, he became a martyr; people picked up his life's work and now are moving it much further, much faster than he would have been able to do while he was alive and then he made statements like, "if they don't kill me first" etc. He called that situation forth period, the end. Whether it was consciously in this lifetime or in the last, "nothing just happens to people", and as soon as you as an individual decide the experiences that you're going to have in life, how you're going to live, who you're going to affect and how things like the Universe and everything else is going to interact with you, the sooner you can leave that arena of fear. So when random newscasters come up and ask you if you fear for your life, you can say no and mean it. Until next time...Sending Light, Love and Gratitude Always - The King Maker

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