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Be unrealistic af

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The King Maker here with a today's Royal Decree:

The message today is to "be unrealistic as f***".

Now on face value, I'm sure that sounds totally insane, but bare with me...

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with what is reality; so murder, rape, racial and social injustices, war, famine just horrible shit, right?

What you decide that you are available for or that you have accepted, literally becomes the world that you live in. So you can watch the news which by the way, I do my absolute best to completely avoid

You can watch the news every day and see this person got shot and that person got mugged and this person got raped and that person got this, that the other and you can internalize all of that and pick up the vibration of it and start worrying and fearing and considering all the things that could possibly happen to you.

Which is what happens when people watch the news, very rarely are they like man that was f***** up with no personal internalization. Typically your average person starts, as it's a natural thing to evaluate what conditions they currently live in that could put them at risk for whatever it is that the news is saying happened. I personally don't live in a world where I could be raped, or my children murdered or mugged that is not an option for me. But because I don't live in that world, it is not an option.

What happens is we seem to be under the impression that we have to live in reality, but more importantly someone else's reality doesn't have to be your reality. Just because that is the reality that someone else has accepted and decided that they were available for, & is fearful of and therefore calling in to their existence, does not mean that you have to be available or even live in an existence where that as an option. I have chosen to not live in an existence where that as an option, so I'm going to give you an example:

So last year, there was an epidemic going around where I lived in Atlanta where cars were being broken into and it was to the point that it was being talked about all day long everyday by everyone. Prior to that, it never occurred to me that somebody would break in my car ever.

But because it was being talked about so much and because I didn't have my own mental defenses or energetic defenses up to ensure that I didn't allow that energy to affect me; I started being nervous when I would go to the gas station and taking additional precautions as though I wasn't in control, like it was just a physical thing and I started like literally consciously but also subconsciously being worried about somebody breaking in my car.

I wouldn't say it was anything outside of what a normal human being would do, I wasn't frantic about it. But low and behold within weeks of that time someone broke in my car.

My little brother and I went to the movie theater and I parked all the way in the back, in my mind far away from everything, but someone broke into my car, they broke the glass on the driver's side. There was nothing in there from them to steal, because I don't leave valuable things my car anyway, but the entire experience I caused; because I decided, I was going to live in a reality where my car get broken into. In a reality of fear.

Which is completely absurd. So what I am here to say to you today is, no one says you have to live in unrealistic and understand, that is a huge part of your ability to create magic in your life.

If you decide that the life that you live is extremely abundant, that you are free and happy and able to pursue the things that light you up inside and that sets your soul on fire and you have an amazing relationship or relationships and you have the most amazing body or whatever your desires might be, and you constantly picture yourself and live in the energy and the frequency and the vibration of that experience. That's your reality and the universe has no choice but to set things into motion that will cause your reality to become THE reality.

However, when you choose to focus on what is directly in front of you, all you're doing is communicating with the universe that you want more of the crap that you don't really want.

So I hope that this idea has come across clearly, be unrealistic as f***. The best thing that you could possibly do is be unrealistic, don't look at what is in front of you and what you have to deal with every day. If you have a job that you go to, that you don't like; picture what you would really like to be doing and that will become your reality.

Until next time...sending light, love and gratitude always!

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