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Know Thy Self: Learn the foundational secrets about who you truly are and how to use this unique magical perspective to transform your life while experincing ease and grace by living your destiny by design. 


The Excalibur Sword Training includes:


1. 4 weekly 44 minute one on one sessions with The King Maker to explore your unique design and how to use it practically to enhance your individual ability to create your desired reality and live within ease and grace.


2. A digital file that provides an indepth introduction into your Unique Design.


3. 8-10 pages of very specific foundational information about your specific Design, Strategy and Inner Authority. Also learn about your human design specific diet, enviorment and cognition.


4. Get unlimted questions answered in and out of sessions within the duration of the 4 Sessions.


***Payment Plan Available, Click for Details***

Know Thy Self: Excalibur Sword Training - Human Design

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