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This is a month to month Mindset Alchemy Group program  with The King Maker. This immersion is designed to deliever you with tangible and practical Life and Business Inspirational Coaching in an immersive fashion so you can transform your life faster and more effectivley. Disclaimer: This is only for those who are truly ready to set the limitations that have been holding you back on fire and become empowered to never again be a victim. 


Whether in business or just life, I literally prepare my clients for their thrones, in whatever form that may take.​ At times that means actually shattering the very foundation of ones beliefs and setting the tenants of a persons old life on fire to prepare them for their coronation into a new more exspansive life experience.


Most importantly, I will help to create the infrastructure necessary to erect the Throne from which you will offer your inspiration to the world.​​ Are you ready to claim your crown?



The Immersion Mindset Alchemy Includes:

I. 4 monthly 44 minute 1:1 sessions with The King Maker monthly ( with no contract) , where we find and explore your individual challenges, areas of expansion, pain points and opportunity for growth. I teach you how transform any area of your life! 


II. A digital file that provides an indepth introduction into your Mindset Alchemy Immersion with The King Maker & many foundational secrets to success.


III. Enjoy being a part of the Immersion Community! You can ask questions and get guidance in between sessions and be supported by others just like you.


IV.  Lots of homework. :) 


V. By joining me in this immersion you unlock access to all my paid meditations and subconscious reprogrammers.


****Get coupon code to save $100 by texting the word : immersion to 404-882-1585****


***Payment Plan Available, Click for Details***

Immersion Group : Mindset Alchemy Experience

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