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Stripping Away Limiting Beliefs

Stripping away limiting beliefs. This is a topic I am super passionate about. Your average person has so many; what I like to call ”boxes” that we or other people have created for ourselves and we just have willingly climbed into and pulled the lid over our heads. The most fascinating part is that this process literally starts in the womb. From the 3rd trimester through 7 years of age we function in what's called a Theta state, which is closer to somewhat of a hypnotic level of brain 🧠 function, where we simply record and replay what is programmed into us during those times.

So think about what limitations we ourselves were constantly exposed to at that time or even what we may have exposed our children to. Now think about how many of those limitations we believe or are still reliving in our adulthood. From maybe seeing our parents struggle maybe not having enough money or living in an unhappy marriage, having poor health or thinking you can only be successful if you work super extra hard for 40 years just to retire to not enough. These are examples of patterns we ourselves start to actually believe in. When in reality if given the choice I'm sure we would all choose ease and grace, abundance and amazing health.

What I found super interesting is that the theta state is the state of mind that plays into and lives in the imagination. Humans ability to use their imagination is one of the single most powerful tools available to us. And think we tell people to stop daydreaming Live in being in this reality. When in actuality the best thing they could do to improve their lives is use their imagination, this concept is something I go in depth in one of my life altering courses called ”The Creation of Magic".

On my website I have a section underneath the tab “the missing Crown Jewels” called “Magic is Mathematics”. Because we don’t have the time in this form I won’t cover all of it but the point of it is correlating and proving that magic is indeed more scientific and mathematical then we as adults were led to believe. there’s nothing spooky about it to be quite frank. I was talking to a friend the other day who said you’re taught in school that everything is energy but not how that practically applies to your life. And the reason I use, the terminology “magic” in mostly everything I do is because I want to inspire people to remember the time in their lives were magic was wonderful and & amazing and awww inspiring.

Because it’s like we all grew up and now had to deal with what we consider the harsh realities of life like paying bills, relationships, getting jobs and all of the crap that a lot of people experience and we forgot about magic. Which is unfortunate because magic is not outside of us it is not something that’s only on Disney movies, It is something that we are capable of each day. So this is really the foundation of “the creation of magic” it’s helping people recognize and then tap into the magic that we have with in us to create the

Expansive life experience that we truly want and deserve.

So I am here to show you how to climb out of the limiting, restrictive boxes we and others have created for ourselves, I am gonna hand you the gasoline, so you drown the box in it and then set that shit on fire! 🔥

I’ve created a way for people to step out of simply replying and reliving outdated subconscious programming. It specifically targets your natural state of Theta when you are about to go to sleep or about to wake up and it starts to reprogram your subconscious mind with useful, accurate, true expansive thoughts and beliefs.

It also is designed to help clear away the junk the crap of the stuff like the things I mentioned before that you don’t really want running around in your subconscious.

Stay tune for a small sample in the next day or so of this powerful subconscious reprogrammer.

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