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Multi-Million Dollar Mommy's Club 

Multi-Million Dollar Mommy's Club 

The Multi-Million dollar Mommy's Club is a safe sacred space for the cultivation of wealth, joy and prosperity


The qualification for membership is a Multi-Million dollar Mindset.


If you think The Multi-Million dollar Mommy Club is right for you, click the sacred geometry button below to request an audience with "The King Maker" to determine if you are an ideal fit for the Multi-Million dollar Mommy Club.

     Membership Benefits Include:

  • A phenomenal supportive network of other Women who have the Multi-Million dollar Mindset to be in the vibration of and collaborate with.

  • Exclusive Multi-Million Dollar Mommy Yearly Retreat's.

  • Preferential first & immediate access to all podcast, free inspirational and motivational audio, video or content delivered via text, social media or email.

Membership fee is only $25 per month

One Time Initiation Fee $100




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